Arvidsjaur, a beautiful small town of 4,500 people in the middle of Swedish Lapland with direct connections to several German airports in winter. Arvidsjaur hosts world class snowmobiling, driving on ice and cross country, as well as Sweden’s the best arctic char fishing. With an abundance of great nature activities and hiking in summer. This charming town is just the right place to relax and be yourself.

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Snow is something more than frozen water to the Sami people. It's a way of expressing the foundation of their existence – the migration of the reindeer. To a skier snow is also more than snow. It's the way you experience life.


A Meeting of Gods

Galileo Galilei gave the northern lights their Latin name Aurora Borealis. A fitting description, to say the least.


Arvidsjaur – an international meeting point with as many sports cars as reindeer

Exactly when the first Sami people came to Arvidsjaur seeking rich fishing-waters, is not known. We can assume, however, that they probably wouldn’t have been able to picture the high-tech, horse-powered monsters that today race upon the lakes at 200 kph. The man behind this development is Jan Edvardsson, the country lad who became friends with some of the world’s foremost sports car manufacturers.