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Altappen, about 1 km by boat from the fishing village of Lövskär, is an exciting island with remnants from the industrial era around the turn of the last century. This was once the site of a large sawmill and the world´s northernmost rolling mill....

Archaeologist path

A nice hiking trail in our ancestors’ footsteps.In Jävre, where one of the oldest population groups is believed to have lived over 3000 years ago, there are a lot of remnants of graves, mazes and sacrificing stones.Norrbottens Museum has marked out...

Archipelago Trail

This is a walking trail from  Tjuvholmssundet - Sandön and other island, you reach with the tourboat: Hindersön, Kluntarna, Småskär and Brändoskär. More information at the Tourist office!

Baggen - island in Piteå archipelago

Baggen is one of the largest islands in Piteå archipelago. Here is an open-air chapel and cabins for rent through Piteå Tourist Center.The high steep rocks and intermediate Sandvikarna on the southwest side of the island is suitable for a bath. In...

Bjuröklubb Nature reserve

The history of Bjuröklubb dates far back in time. As early as during the Bronze Age, when the sea level was about 30 metres above the current one, temporary settlements would be found here. In the 13th century, Bjuröklubb was probably a harbour for...

Boat tour in Piteå Archipelago

You don't need your own boat to be able to enjoy a day at sea. During the summer several tours run out into the beautiful Piteå archipelago. Our tours range from short sightseeing cruises to lunch- and dinner cruises and family-friendly one-day...

Borgaruddens Camping & Havsbad

Borgaruddens Havsbad offers cabins, camping, miniaturegolf and a beautiful beach in a quiet surrounding. welcome!

Brändö Konferens & Fritidsby - Canoeing

Offers creative activities for all groups and occasions, often associated with the archipelago. Contact us for more information.

Brändön Logde

Our cabins, all with view over the sea, offers comfortable living for 4-5 persons. All cabins have WC, shower, TV and a kitchen fully equipped.No drop-in guests during winter, you must call ahead!

Brändö konferens

Brändöskär, a rather special and very beautiful island, is situated in the outer archipelago. Perhaps because it is so exposed to the wind and weater, it has more of a genuine archipelago character than most other islands.Brändöskär consists mainly...

Luleå Kommun Fritid
Cabin at Mellerstön

Mellerstön is in the outer archipelago and a haven for nature lovers. just 10 metres from the water in Stenbergsviken is a self-catering cottage with a bottled gas stove/oven, basic kitchen equipment and a wood burner.To reach the Island a transfer...

Guide Natura
Cabins at Baggen

The island of Baggen has four self-catering cottages al with bottled gas stoves, basic kitchen equipment and wood burners. Down by the beach is a wood-fired sauna and what could be better than rounding off your sauna with a dip from the jetty?To...

Sofia Wellborg
Cabins at Vargön

Koskäret on the island of Vargön, has two self-catering cottages with bottled gas stoves, a gas fridge, basic kitchen equipment and  wood burners. Treat yourself to a relaxing day with walks and saunas by the sea. After the sauna we recomend a swim...

PK Anders Hedlund
Café Fyren, Bjuröklubb

It's not always a monstrous view, striking nature and newly-made coffee are so easily accessed as in Bjuröklubb!Bjuröklubb is a beautiful and easily accessed area with a long history. Today a nature reserve and a good example of Västerbotten's...

Anna Lindfors
Canoe safari

From Storträsket to the ocean goes the journey. An impressive nature experiences through lakes, creaks and canales. Including a break for coffee and bath the journey will take you a couple of hours.

Land och Strand
Cruise to Haparanda Skärgård

Cruise to Haparanda sandskär, during the cruise, you can enjoy the lunch buffét with softdrinks and coffee.Departure from Kalix at 10:00, arrival time 17:00.7 and 21 JulyPrice: 620 kr/person, Children 3-15 years 250:-,  under 3  free.(cruise with...

Laponia Rederi AB
Cruise to Malören with a guided toure

Come along to Malören, The Bothnian Bay outpost and ultimate landmark for the Sailor. We cruise through the Kalix archipelago on our way to the island. During the cruise, lunch is served including drink and coffee. When we get to the Island you may...

Laponia Rederi AB
Curise with shrimp buffet

7 July & 21 JulyGet on board at this cozy cruise that will take you to out in the archipalago. You will cruise around the archipelago while enjoying the great shrimp buffet and listen to our talented troubadours. Our captain will keep you updated on...

Laponia Rederi AB
Dömans naturreservat

The nature reserve Döman is about 2.5 mil south of Piteå and about 9 km SE of Jävre in Piteå Kommun. The reserve includes the two islands Gråsjälen and Döman located just south of Jävre-Sandön in Piteå inner archipelago. The reserve domain is...

Fingermanholmen - island in Piteå archipelago

Almost in the centre of Piteå, in Inrefjärden is Fingermanholmen close and available by boat and kajak during summertime. At winter it's only a skitrip away.Sandy beaches small paths and interesting history! Well worth a visit.

Piteå Kommun
Fishing the swedish

Become “fisher of the Baltic see” for one day and follow the Kalixlöjromens way from the deepness of the see to a done dish. Lodging for two nights with löjroms-breakfast, full pension and sauna under the sealing is included in the package

Fåröns Stugby

Fårön Cottages are only five minutes from Piteå City in our beautiful archipelago! Quiet environment in combination with the closeby city and poolarea makes the cottages a very popular stay for both children and adults.

Piteå Kommun
Guide Natura

Guide Natura located in Piteå Archipelago is your guide to experience nature in Swedish Lapland.

Guide Natura
Hilda af Hindersön

Hindersön is one of the largest islands in the Luleå Archipelago and is the only seaboard island with agriculture north of Gräsö in central Swedish Roslagen.Iron ore, discovered on the island in 1842, was mined during several periods. The mine and...

Ice trail

The ice trail runs from the Northern harbour to Gråsjälören and is about 6 km long. Along the trail you find wind shielded areas for resting. Besides ice skating or using a "kick-sled", you can also walk or jog around it.

Isbana karta
Icebreaking safari

On this tour we offer all participants the opportunity to take a bath with our survival suits. Bring warm clothes (can be rented if needed).Please read more about the icebreaker at our homepage or contact us for more information!

Pite Havsbad
Jopikgården Canoe rental

Luleå´s archipelago is ideal for kayaking, whether you´re a beginner or an experienced paddler.Kayaks are available for rent at Jopikgården on Hindersön

Jopikgården Hotel

Bring the family, a friend or a loved one and experience the calmness in the beautiful surroundings of Jopikgården. There are plenty of activities both summer- and wintertime. If You would like to stay the night, there are two forms of...

Jopikgården Restaurant

At Jopikgården, food has a special meaning. We find inspiration in locally produced goods and can offer a wide selection of food, including salmon, berries from our woods and meat of all kinds from our local hunters. We can also offer alcoholic...


Junkön is a large, permanently inhabited island. Several professional fishermen are based here. During the summer, they fish Baltic herring, whitefish and sea trout. In the autumn, they net an endemic species of vendace for its roe- löjrom, the...

Junköns archipelago museum

A visit to Junkön Archipelago Museum will give you a glimpse of how people lived on the islands in days gone by. Old tools, utensils and other cultural history artefacts are on exhibit here. Just next door to the museum is a boat engine museum where...

Jävre Port

In Jävre Port you will find a number of berths (short term) and permanent moorings for members. Out on the piers are fresh water and adjacent to the port's barbecues. The port has good protection for all possible winds and is a very scenic port even...

Piteå Turistbyrå
Jävre Sandholmen Port

Harbour depth: 5 m Number of berths: 20 Anchor: Anchor / Long-Port Host: Piteå. No charge

Jävre Sandholmen
Jävrebodarnas Fishing Camp

The complete Put and take fishing plant in pleasant surroundings. In a sealed off bay surrounded by bridges you can fish for seabred rainbow trout. Spinning, fly fishing, angling and ice fishing in winter.Fishing gear for hire. Here you are...

Jävrebodranas Fiskecamp
Kayak rental

Rent a kayak this summer and experience Piteå Archipelago!Piteå Kayak Center / Guided nature is your natural choice if you want to rent a kayak in Piteå archipelago, or if you want to paddle Norrbotten archipelago all the way up to Haparanda. We are...

Hansi Gelter
Klubbvikens Havsbad rental cottages

Klubbvikens Havsbad offers some of Norrbotten´s finest seaside bathing, facillities, good service in the form of rental cottages, a restaurant, guest harbour and many activities for people of all ages.Tour boats visit the island several times daily...

Klubbvikens Havsbad Restaurant

One of northern Scandinavia´s most beatiful seaside resort areas.Fantastic restaurant with a panoramic view towards the entrance of the Lule River.


The island of Kluntarna has been seasonally inhabited for many centuries and has always been used as a base for fishing and sealhunting. Many stone ruins, labyrinths and other evidence of human activity can be found on the island. Excellent examples...

Luleå Turistbyrå
Kluntarna - island in Piteå archipelago

Kluntarna is the pearl in the outer archipelago and is part of Pata Pekens nature reserve and is only 4 km from the mainland.The island has an exciting and barren nature with shiny polished slabs, graying rock rubble fields and wind-torn trees. On...

Kluntarna Nature Trail

On the island Kluntarna in Luleå Archipelago there is a hiking trail called "Naturstigen" which is devided into 2 trails, one shorter that takes about one hour and one longer that takes around two hours. Here you can explore the sandy island of...


Likskär or Liggskär, which is now joined to Altappen, is an island that consists of sand. The crystal-clear water and long, shallow-water beaches are reminiscent of more tropical parts of the world. The seaward side is shallow and perfect for...

L-Line Rederi AB

The shipping company L-Line has operated in the archipelago with M/S Favourite and M/S Forte since the year of 1990. L-Line offers, in addition to regular tours in Piteå and Luleå archipelagos, also charter tours where you choose your destination...

L-Line Rederi AB

Our shipping company L-Line has been operating in the archipelago of Norrbotten since the year of 1990.We offer, in addition to regular tours in Piteå and Luleå archipelagos also charter tours where you choose your destination and activities. Try...

Luleå Ribcharter
Brändö konferens
M/S Laponia

The Queen of the archipelago - M/S Laponia - will take you comfortably out in the idyllic Norrbotten archipelago, actually the world's only brackish water archipelago.M/S Laponia has since the year of 1991 operated to and from the Norrbotten...

M/S Laponia

The queen of the archipelago - M/S Laponia - will take you comfortably out in the idyllic Norrbotten archipelago, actually the world's only brackish water archipelago.M/S Laponia has since the year of 1991 operated in the Norrbotten archipelagos and...


The Marina in the north harbour has got a kiosk where temporary guestparking for boats is booked.This Marina is located beside the gasstation for boats.Welcome

Piteå kommun Ann-Sofie Bohman

Tha Marina in the north harbour is a kiosk, and where to book the harbours temporary guestparking for boats.This Marina is located beside the gasstation for boats.Welcome

Piteå kommun Ann-Sofie Bohman
Midnight cruise from Kalix to Luleå

Take a unique cruise when the light and nature is doing its utmost to prove themselves. We depart from the Kalix and come to Luleå in the midnight sun. On the cruise you are served a buffét.Departure from Kalix at 22:00, arrival Luleå at 02:00Price:...

Laponia Rederi AB


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