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Wilderness Life in Swedish Lapland

Wilderness Life in Swedish Lapland

A new company is starting out in Auktsjaur, 20 km north of Arvidsjaur. Thomas and Rebecca Turpeinen who just moved here from the south of Sweden will have accommodation, activities, adventure, handicraft and café in the village of Auktsjaur.

The dream that is Lapland

The dream that is Lapland

A fair amount of central European people move to Destination Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland every year. This is a story about a man with a dream.

Hotel Laponia's new clothes

Hotel Laponia's new clothes

Since  Kristoffer Lundström bought Hotell Laponia in Arvidsjaur, a steady progress has been taking place. One part of the development is the renovation of facilities and rooms.  The thought behind the renovation is for the hotel guests to know where they are as soon as they step inside. 


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