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Swedish Lapland

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History, the nearness to Finland and the pure nature gives Övertorneå a special kind of  character.  Europe's longest free-flowing river, the Torneriver divides two countries from each other. Here will you meet the Swedish – Finnish border country with our own language – meänkieli (our language). Visit the World´s most peaceful and perhaps most beautiful, border. Two countries meet here and thousands of opportunities arise!

The Arctic Circle crosses trough the Övertorneå. Here you will find The Good Life with beautiful nature, all the opportunities that the river gives and our hospitality. It´s easy to be enjoyed here as a visitor.

 Övertorneå is a place for genuine experiences and unique environment. You are going to be fascinated of the district´s culture and the peaceful atmosphere and  the near-natural surroundings that stimulate both body and soul. How about a cultural break in one of our pastures? Enjoy snowmobile, dogsled and rensafari or a genuine Tornedalen sauna or dining experience.  Try your courage with some help from activity companies throughout the year or make your own trip of discovery to Polcirkelland - Övertorneå.


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