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Jävre Tourist Centre
Jävrevägen 186
94494 Jävrebyn

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Jävre Touristcenter is situated near the E4 south of Piteå, easy to find and well worth a visit with a view over the ocean. Here you'll find information about everything that has to do with Jävre, Piteå and surroundings, but also an exhibition of...
Piteå Tourist Centre
Bryggargatan 14
94163 Piteå
Phone. 0911 933 90
Fax. 0911 733 10
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Visit us and get the latest news about Piteå! We've put together all the fantastic things Piteå has to offer at our website and in some broschures that you can order or read as pdf on your own computer.Please read about the latest Piteå packages at...
Skärgårdsfesten vy
Skärgårdsfesten vy
Skärgårdsfesten kanot
Skärgårdsfesten kanot
Skärgårdsfesten vy2
Skärgårdsfesten vy2
Skärgårdfesten vy 4
Skärgårdfesten vy 4

Archipelago festival

The yearly Archipelago Festival in Piteå.

The date of the 2015 edition is set to 22/8. Keep looking for updates!



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