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Swedish Lapland

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The Taste of Swedish Lapland

The Taste of Swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland will offer you heartly, rustic cuisine prepared with ingredients fresh from the surrounding forests and rivers. Reindeer and elk are obvious choices as are game birds such as grouse and capervaillie. Fresh fish, including salmon, grayling, brown trout, Arctic char and whitefish, is also a highlight. Don´t forget to experiece the region´s exclusive caviar – Kalix Löjrom, a premium, origin-protected Bleak Roe product with the same star status as Champagne and Parma Ham. And you will never go thirsty. The water here is so clear and pure that you can drink it straigth from the mountain streams.

Järnspisen Piteå

We at Järnspisen Piteå want to offer our guests a dining experience beyond the ordinary. This by presenting dishes of high quality with locally grown and organic ingredients, combined with well selected wines and personal service.

Restaurang Nygatan 57

Restaurant Nygatan 57 is based around a simple philosophy, founden on wealth of our surroundings, the forest, meadows, lakes and mountains. The kitchen is highly experienced and carefully selects the best raw ingredients for every season. The food...

Restaurang Nygatan 57
Restaurant Ripan, Kiruna

At Camp Ripan, we take food seriously. Yes, we actually think it is our responsibility to in the best possible way refine all of the fantastic raw ingredients the region has to offer. The food is affectionately prepared – without exaggeration or...

Camp Ripan – Restaurang
Jopikgården Restaurant

At Jopikgården, food has a special meaning. We find inspiration in locally produced goods and can offer a wide selection of food, including salmon, berries from our woods and meat of all kinds from our local hunters. We can also offer alcoholic...

ICEHOTEL Restaurant, Jukkasjärvi

At ICEHOTEL Restaurant, head chef Alexander Meier skillfully blends  local produce from the vast wilderness of Swedish Lapland, with traditional cooking techniques from the local hunter-gatherer culture and and contemporary, international...

ICEHOTEL restaurant

Ecological restaurant and café. Open by request.

Restaurant CG

Attitude to food vary. For those of us who are driven by a passion to cook and serve good food, it is all about our love for food, knowledge and respect. Respect for the produce, for you, the guest, and for our colleagues here at the restaurant.Here...

CG 7

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