Camp Ripan

Camp Ripan

The Northern Lights over Camp Ripan.Photo: Jonas Sundberg
Photo: Jonas Sundberg
Photo: Björn Wanhatalo
Photo: Björn Tesch
Photo: Björn Wanhatalo
Photo: Hans-Olof Utsi
Photo: Jonas Sundberg
Aurora SpaPhoto: Björn Wanhatalo
Kiruna ChurchPhoto: Fredrik Broman
Photo: Björn Wanhatalo
Photo: Fredrik Ludvigsson

Camp Ripan in Kiruna is your obvious choice when you want something above the ordinary.

When you stay at Camp Ripan you live comfortably, eat well and are close to a wide range of activities year round. Enjoy our chalets with hotel standards, a cosy private oasis close to every service. Passionate about highlighting everything that makes this part of Sweden so fantastic: the meeting of the different cultures, the majestic wilderness countryside and the availability of local wild produce that become delicious experiences in our kitchen. Together with well thought-through design and materials, the wish is to tell stories about this place and the culture around us. Enjoy the area while also conserving it for future generations. A genuine treasure that everyone should have the chance to experience!

We bring Kiruna to you

Experience the best that Kiruna has to offer in being your host, comfort, food, drink, activities and experiences.

Camp Ripan is a modern facility with a Scandinavian touch. Camp Ripan is a family-owned business and we are enthusiastic about our work with you as our guest. We will give you the best that Kiruna has to offer in being your host, comfort, food, drink, activities and experiences. Our own unique specialty is our knowledge about the city of Kiruna. We are happy to share with you our tales about the exciting epoch when the city was founded at the beginning of the 1900’s. We can also tell you about the innovative architecture such as the Kiruna Church, the City Hall and the city plans.


The fantastic produce, harvested locally, from the region is refined to delicious dishes by the Camp Ripan kitchen. Their wine cellar is stocked with those wines that perfectly complement the flavours of the menu. As a guest, you will be guided on a memorable culinary journey through the pantry of Swedish Lapland. There is something special about getting together around a well-prepared meal. Camp Ripan as well as a lot of the activities is Nature’s Best certified and the restaurant is Sami Slow food premiered. Camp Ripan takes food seriously. Yes, they actually think it is their responsibility to in the best possible way refine all of the fantastic raw ingredients the region has to offer and they always choose the most eco-friendly and ethical alternative. Welcome to the table.


The area around Camp Ripan is an enormous arena of adventures. You can pick and choose freely from a tempting buffet of activities. Your next adventure is waiting for you!

Aurora Spa

Camp Ripan have chosen to not block out the feeling of winter, but rather build it right in! Aurora Spa invites you to wander between in and out, heat and cold, soothing water and crystalline snow. Relax indoors and enjoy the winter-white landscape through panorama windows, or feel the cool caress of the polar winter across your cheek while enveloped by the warming comfort of the outdoor pool. If you are lucky, the colourful dance of the Northern Lights will entertain you. And true to its name Aurora Spa, Camp Ripan wish to showcase the opportunities and contrasts offered by the polar night.