Forest Hotel

Forest Hotel

Seasons to visit:

Summer, Winter

Photo: Ingemar Grape
Photo: Ingemar Grape

Forest Hotel is a family-run hotel located in Tornedalen in Swedish Lapland.

The closeness to the adventure and activities and at the same time a quiet and peaceful environment makes Forest Hotel the perfect vacation.

The hotel is located outside the village Tärendö in untouched wilderness, surrounded by endless forest and untouched rivers, 80 km north of the Arctic Circle.
When you come to Forest Hotel, your soul will be in focus. It feels like coming home to the family with a warm and cosy feeling with open arms meeting you at the door step. Go for a walk in the forest, go out for a ski adventure or just sit down for a while, listen to the river and smell the clean and fresh air when you breathe. Wake up and move away the curtains from the window and enjoy the beautiful view. Try to take it all in, and save for another moment when you need to calm down in life. Forest Hotel offers you a time to relax and fill up the energy together with comfortable accommodation with great food inspired by the local cuisine. A large variety of activities start just outside the door, all year round. It is important to the owners at Forest Hotel to ensure good quality and have a high standard of their guides, cause they believe that will make your stay enjoyable. The strengths at Forest Hotel is the beautiful surroundings of wild forest and untouched rivers. The closeness to the adventure and activities and at the same time a quiet and peaceful environment makes Forest Hotel the perfect vacation.


The hotel is decorated with the river and the forest as inspiration. Together with local craftsmen the public areas have been decorated with old wood, used items and typical décor from the area. It helps create a unique and cosy environment for the guests. The beautiful Tärendö river runs just outside the hotel and the amazing, mysterious Tornedalen-forest is surrounding the area. The outdoor environment is of great importance for the hotel and contributes to ever-changing scenery and various available activities. Every season has its own charm; icy dark winter day with skies filled of northern lights, glistering sunny spring day, blossoming ever-light midsummer sun, and foggy fairies dancing on the river a cold autumn morning.


Reindeer, moose, salmon, trout and arctic char, are some of the local delicacies which they use daily in their cooking. Forest Hotel is well know for the great food and the focus on locally produced ingredients and offers a traditional cuisine with a flavoured twist.

Relax and Sauna

Tornedalen area has a very strong sauna culture. Many people in this area use the sauna more or less every day to get clean and to relax. Bring a guide along and learn how to use the sauna the right way according to the locals. Maybe take a dip in the river or role in the snow. You will have the possibility to enjoy a fire-wood-heated sauna outside and you experience the temperature differences up to 100 degrees. There is also a out-door jacuzzi, and two in-door electricity-heated saunas.