Dogsled tours – Svedjekojan

Dogsled tours – Svedjekojan

Photo: Svedjekojan

Svedjekojan offers exciting dogsled tours in a beautiful and peaceful area.

Svedjekojan is located in the village Tranutrask near Piteå, Luleå and Luleå Airport.

The special designed tours are stretching over ice-covered lakes and through wild forests, offering a great opportunity to practice this ancient way to travel on snow and ice. Together with the highly skilled sled-guides and well-trained friendly Alaskan Husky dogs, Svedjekojan answer for high quality and unforgettable nature experiences.

They design and conduct the tours according to your requests. In cooperation with a number of corporations in the region they have the capacity to arrange winter experiences suitable for all kinds of groups, large or small. There is also opportunity to make a guided test-drive with your own team of dogs. The staff has guide training and has also taken a training course: ”Green Card in Dog Sledding”.

Svedjekojan holds a TQ-certificate and is furthermore approved by the municipality. They are located about 30 minutes south of Luleå Airport and can also be reached by bus or taxi.