Snowmobile 2.0 Intensive

Snowmobile 2.0 Intensive

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Photo: Uli Joos

Silver resort offer an extraordinary adventure!

Silver resort in Arjeplog

It’s all exclusive! – Unique surroundings offering personalized, high-quality outdoor experiences. True Laplandic hospitality coupled with their own combination of international know-how and genuine local treats.

Snowmobile 2.0 Intensive

Silver resort offer an extraordinary adventure! Together with your friends or colleagues you go snowmobiling from Arjeplog and into the huge mountains. You will get to test your limits, the ability to develop as a driver and be a part of an experience of a lifetime!  You and your guide add levels to your requirements and knowledge.

You will be snowmobiling from Arjeplog and into the mountains. You will spend the night in a mountain camp off the beaten track. Where you live in modern cabins, eating food of the highest quality with local ingredients. You relax with sauna and a hot tub bath. The guide will take you on a trip of about 100 km through forests and over mountains. Day three after breakfast you turn the handlebars back home and finish the event in Arjeplog, tired and happy. An amazing experience that will remain in memory for a long time to come!

This 3-day activity available from the beginning of January – beginning of April includes full board and accomodation.