Summer Activities in Tärendö

Summer Activities in Tärendö

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The Forest Hotel during the summer.Photo: Grape
A lavvu in Tärendö.Photo: JH
Enjoy summer activities from the Forest Hotel.

Forest Hotel – Lapland Wilderness Lodge

A unique wilderness lodge located right by the waterfront of Tärendö River, 80 km north of the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland. We offer high quality activities and genuine wildlife expeditions. This is the perfect place, far away from all light pollution, to experience the true wilderness, exclusive silence and the Northern Light.
Forest Hotel is a small family owned hotel that offers personal service. Here you will be charmed with our cosy atmosphere in a genuine environment. Our excellent kitchen serves food based on local traditions from Swedish Lapland. Visiting us you will experience and enjoy our gastronomy indoor in our restaurant, outdoor at our wilderness camps, or in our tepee located by the riverbank.
The kindness and hospitality of our staff makes the whole difference, always ready to handle requests from our guests.

Untouched wilderness forests and rivers surround Forest Hotel, showing lovely midnight sun in the summer and beautiful Northern Lights in the winter.
To give our guests an unforgettable experience we always plan and execute activities with small groups.

Summer activities in Tärendö


Rent a bike and a map of the area. You can then choose from highlights on the map where to go and what to see. This activity takes from one hour to the entire day.

Canoe trip along Tärendö river

Navigate a canoe on the varying River Tärendö and explore small streams where the forest closes in. Or if you prefer, fight your way upstream in frothing rapids. The river that lay frozen in winter comes to life and becomes accessible in a way that makes summer a new experience. This is a perfect way to experience the wilderness from the river. We arrange longer or shorter activities.You can choose between 2-, 4-hour trip and full day including outdoor lunch. (June – September)

Tärendö River Fishing

Rent fishing gear and fish just out side the hotel. You can make a combo and take a canoe out on the river and fish from the canoe and try different fishing spots.

Hiking in the wilderness

The forest here is highly varied. From sandy pine ridges to dense spruce forest and mystical magic forests with fluffy moss and lichen. Taking a map with you, you can set off on your own, or you can go with a guide who will teach you more about the places, nature and wildlife around us. A midnight hike in the company of the sun is bizarre, slightly magical, and in itself a good reason to visit us in the summer. You can choose between 2-, 4-hour trip and full day including outdoor lunch. (June – October)

Cultural walk though Tärendö

We can offer you guided tours in some of the important historical and cultural spots of Tärendö.

Berry picking

Depending on the season, you can find different types of berry in the area (wild blueberries, lingon berries or cloudberries. Set off across a marsh on your hunt for the real gold of northern Sweden.


In this region of Swedish Lapland we have a deep rooted sauna tradition. Some people take a sauna every day, and it must always be done in the right way. A fantastic wood-heated outdoor sauna can be enjoyed summer and winter. Take a dip in the river and let a guide introduce you to local traditions and customs.