Winter Activities in Tärendö

Winter Activities in Tärendö

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If you dare, you could try out ice river swimming.Photo: Grape
The Forest Hotel.Photo: Grape
The dogs are getting ready for the tour.Photo: Grape
A husky team passing by outside the Forest Hotel.Photo: Grape
The dogs are getting ready for the tour.Photo: Grape
Husky tour in Tärendö.Photo: Grape
Northern lights over Tärendö.Photo: Grape

Forest Hotel – Lapland Wilderness Lodge

A unique wilderness lodge located right by the waterfront of Tärendö River, 80 km north of the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland. They offer high quality activities and genuine wildlife expeditions. This is the perfect place, far away from all light pollution, to experience the true wilderness, exclusive silence and the Northern Light.
Forest Hotel is a small family owned hotel that offers personal service. Here you will be charmed with our cosy atmosphere in a genuine environment. The excellent kitchen serves food based on local traditions from Swedish Lapland. Visiting here you will experience and enjoy our gastronomy indoor in their restaurant, outdoor at their wilderness camps, or in their tepee located by the riverbank.

The kindness and hospitality of the staff makes the whole difference, always ready to handle requests from the guests.

Untouched wilderness forests and rivers surround Forest Hotel, showing lovely midnight sun in the summer and beautiful Northern Lights in the winter.

To give their guests an unforgettable experience they always plan and execute activities with small groups.

Winter activities in Tärendö

Northern Light hunting

The magic of the northern lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, dance above you in the starry skies most nights at wintertime. Green, red and purple colors illuminate the dark winter forests and as they make a fire and tell stories and myths about the light. To experience the wild forest by night can be quite magical itself, many are surprised how much light there is from the snow, stars and moon on a cloud free night. Forest Hotel takes you out by snow mobile with sled, skiing or snow shoes.


A fast way to transport ourselves in the winter or an adventurous sport, is different ways of viewing snow mobiles. Forest Hotel take you down the river and through forests on an adventure to explore the wilderness.

Snow shoes

Have you ever tried to walk on the snow and sunken down to your waist? Snow shoes makes it easier to walk in deep snow and still be able to move forward. They make fun activities and your guides will challenge you in many ways.


The small dogs will amaze you with their power and speed. The most quiet and fast way to travel in the forest is probably by dog sleds. You will experience the wild forest animals much closer and the real wild nature. With Forest Hotel you will be a part of taking care of the dogs and treat them after the run.

Cross-country ski

The Swedish gold medalist in cross-country skiing, Charlotte Kalla is from the village Tärendö, and they will teach you the sport. At the same time you will experience the cold clean air, fresh breeze and the nature up close.

Ice river swimming

A hole is made in the ice and the brave ones can try to go under water. You will heat up quickly in the sauna.

Reindeer farm

Visit the reindeers and learn about them.

Snow and ice sculpting

You will be given instructions and tools and then it´s up to you to create your own snow or ice sculpture – a work of art that will last throughout the winter.


In this region of Swedish Lapland we have a deep rooted sauna tradition. Some people take a sauna every day, and it must always be done in the right way. A fantastic wood-heated outdoor sauna can be enjoyed summer and winter. Take a dip in the river and let a guide introduce you to local traditions and customs.