Weddings. They can be lavish, intimate, fun, boring, and all of the above. No wedding is alike, as no people are alike. Some like barefoot weddings on beaches, some prefer getting married in a church made of ice and snow – 200 km above the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland.

I bet most people carry a picture of their dream wedding, the venue, the music, the wedding dress. But let’s toss yours aside for a moment.

Instead, picture yourself wearing a parkas, snow shoes and exchanging vows in minus 5 °C, surrounded by ice and snow. When saying I do, you can see your breath vaporising, hear the snow squeaking under your shoes and everywhere you look – there is imaginative artwork chiseled out of ice.

No wedding is alike, as no Ice Church in Jukkasjärvi is alike.

ICEHOTEL entrance.
ICEHOTEL also arranges civil marriage ceremonies.
Ice church Arctic Sunsets by Marjolein Vonk, Marinus Vroom and Elin Julin.
Same-sex marriage in Sweden has been legal since 2009 and ICEHOTEL welcomes all couples who wish to get married in their church.

Getting married at ICEHOTEL
Couples from other countries have to make a personal visit to the local Tax Office and apply for a certificate regarding consideration of impediments to marriage (hindersprövning). ICEHOTEL can guide you through the necessary paperwork.

If you’re looking to get married at ICEHOTEL, have a chat with the ICEHOTEL wedding coordinator.

Like the ICEHOTEL itself, the Ice Church only exists for a few months, re-created and re-designed by especially selected artists. Differently themed each winter, you can scarcely find a more unique location. Once the church has melted away in spring, all that is left are the memories that you share.

Now this is something quite special. The thought of the perishable church kind of sustains and reinforces the vows of eternity. And in it’s uniqueness, it creates more space for all the non-alikeness in people, weddings and all loving relationships. I like that thought.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Every day.

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