Georgia Makitalo

Since her first international trip at the age of 9, Georgia Makitalo has considered her passport her first-class ticket to adventure, new experiences and meeting fascinating people. This led her to over 20 years in the travel industry: working for a major American airline, tour operator, car rental company, tour guide and as an destination event planner. Georgia is a Greek-American, currently living in LuleƄ Sweden, married to a techie Swede with a Finnish last name. When she is not writing or traveling, you can find her chasing the Aurora Borealis or enjoying a LuleƄ hockey game.

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When to see the northern lights in Swedish Lapland

Shimmery and magical. The dance of the northern lights is a spectacular sight that we frequently enjoy in Swedish Lapland. Viewing the Aurora Borealis is both a jaw-dropping and mystical experience. B...


A family passion

As the warm and personable owners of Svedjekojan, Caisa and Ulf and their 65 beautiful and enthusiastic sled dogs are your guides to fulfilling this snowy adventure that is on so many bucket lists. Th...