Fly direct from London to Luleå and discover Swedish Lapland.

From December 2021, you can fly direct from London to Luleå, Swedish Lapland.
Get close to nature and discover the Arctic.

The new direct flight with SAS, from London Heathrow to Luleå Airport in Swedish Lapland will depart two times per week between December 17 2021 and March 21 2022.

Reach Swedish Lapland within only 3 hours. Book your flight with SAS here.


Ever wondered what the Arctic sounds like? If you’re fortunate enough to find yourself close by one of Swedish Lapland’s husky farms this might be it, at first. But then, curled up in the sled, it’s more of a silent story.

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Arctic Getaways are a collection of small camps, lodges and hotels along the Luleå and Råne rivers from coast to mountains in Swedish Lapland.

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Stories from the Arctic
  • The aurora whisperer

    Experiencing the northern lights is on many people's bucket list. Travellers from around the world head north to experience the celestial phenomenon, hoping to snap a picture of it. Been there, done that. But then some live with the northern lights as a lifestyle. Meet photographer Mia Stålnacke, the one who stops the northern lights.

    Håkan Stenlund
  • The land of the Sámi

    The Sámi culture is traditionally strong, and since the Sámi have lived and worked in northern Sweden for millennia, the culture is a big part of our Arctic lifestyle in Swedish Lapland.

    Linnea Eriksson
  • The way we eat

    When in Swedish Lapland, exploring the nature of the Arctic, chasing the northern lights or just soaking up the sun 24/7, make sure you don’t miss out on the food. Some of the food we eat might sound a bit strange, but we highly recommend you try and get a taste of Swedish Lapland.

    Håkan Stenlund


This is our favourite dance performance of the year – when Lady Aurora lets her hair down on a pitch-black sky.

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Iconic places
  • A place to preserve

    Just outside Luleå, you'll find the church village Gammelstad. This used to be where Luleå city centre was located right up to the 17th century, with red log cabins in a kind of organised chaos around one of Sweden's most beautiful churches. It's a unique place and something to preserve for future generations.

    Håkan Stenlund
  • A frozen icon

    In the village of Jukkasjärvi, outside Kiruna, lies the original ICEHOTEL. Every year, since 1989, it has been reincarnated in a new rendition and there’s always more to come. From the beginning this was kind of a crazy idea in the winter, nowadays it’s as crazy all year round.

    Emma Forsberg
  • Architectural dreams

    There is this one hotel room that looks like a bird's nest, and another resembles a UFO. Then there is the hotel where a ruin from an old train workshop runs straight through the kitchen, and the wine cellar is an old grease pit. There is also the hotel in the middle of town that cleans the air to the same extent an entire forest would. We travel between excellent accommodation options in Swedish Lapland.

    Håkan Stenlund


There is this old saying: At the end of the road, the adventure begins. On the outskirts of the ordinary, different tales will be told. Our lifestyle belongs to the place and people of the Arctic. Our story starts and continues at the end of the road.

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Also read
  • Christmas

    It is December and the landscape is covered in a white blanket; trees are heavy with snow and the roads are white. The dense mid-winter darkness creates a blue light during a few hours, and windows are lit up by advent stars and candlesticks. Christmas is here.

    Emma Ebermark
  • The eight seasons

    In Swedish Lapland, nature plays an intrinsic role in our life and work, and the people here are highly sensitive to the small details of the changing seasons. Therefore, it seems only natural that the Sámi people describe eight seasons instead of four.

    Ella Jonsson
  • The Arctic light

    You might think that in the Arctic, we have darkness or daylight. In the winter, the sun never rises above the horizon, and in the summer, the sun never sets. But in fact, we have light all year round. Just different kinds of light. Some darker, some brighter, and some very colourful.

    Håkan Stenlund