A well-deserved win

The annual Guldbagge Awards is Sweden’s leading film awards. During yesterday’s ceremony the award for Best Documentary was presented to “Historjá – Stygn för Sápmi” – a poetical and poignant depiction of Sámi narrator and artist Britta Marakatt-Labba.

“Historjá – Stygn för Sápmi” was one of last year’s most acclaimed Swedish documentaries, directed by Thomas Jackson. The documentary has been called “a dazzlingly beautiful portrayal of Sámi mythology and worldview, but also of the existential threat climate change poses to Sámi culture”.

The film was also awarded Best Original Score for the music composed by Eirik Havnes.

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Watch the trailer for “Historjá – Stygn för Sápmi” here.