Icehotel 33 is now open

This previous weekend the doors to the 33rd edition of Icehotel opened. The hotel with its art suites, sculptures and ceremonial hall has been created by 24 artists from around the world, together with the hotel’s construction team and Creative Director, Luca Roncoroni, during six intense weeks.

Icehotel 33

Photo: Asaf Kliger

Ceremony hall Embrace

Design: Wouter Biegelaar & Viktor Tsarski | Photo: Asaf Kliger

The construction, which is made in a new rendition every year, begins already during spring when blocks of ice are harvested from the mighty Torne River. They are then kept cold in a ice warehouse in Jukkasjärvi, later to be used to create beautiful art and architecture.

Icehotel 33 and all its art and rooms will be available to experience during this winter season, before everything melts in the spring where it reunites with the Torne River. What remains is the permanent part of the hotel, Icehotel 365, with an Icebar, a movie theater and an exhibition made of ice and snow, as well as another nine art suites and eight deluxe suites and one design suite, one of which is new for the season.

Icehotel 33 | Art Suite Bauh-Ice | Design: Luc Voisin & Mathieu Brison | Photo: Asaf Kliger

Icehotel 33 | Art Suite The MushRoom | Design: Chris Pancoe & Peter Hargraves | Photo: Asaf Kliger

Icehotel 33 | Art Suite Home nature | Design: Munkh-Erdene Tsagaan & Uugantsetseg Enkhtaivan| Photo: Asaf Kliger

Icehotel 33 | Art Suite Hidden Milan | Design: Lukas Petko | Photo: Asaf Kliger

Icehotel 33 | Art Suite Galanthus Nivalis | Design: Elin Julin & Ida Mangsbo | Photo: Asaf Kliger

Icehotel 33 | Art Suite High Score | Design: Sonia Chow & Huschang Pourian | Photo: Asaf Kliger

Icehotel 33 | Art Suite Maighdeann-Ròin | Design: Emilie Steele & Sara Steele | Photo: Asaf Kliger

Facts about Icehotel 33

  • 24 artists (from 13 countries) have created the new art suites in Icehotel 33
  • 500 tons of ice were used to build Icehotel 33
  • 10 Olympic swimming pools (33 883 000 cubic feet) of snis, a mix of snow and ice, were used to create Icehotel 33
  • 200 handmade ice crystals were used to create the iconic crystal chandelier
  • Icehotel 33 has a temperature of -5 C/23 F inside the building
  • It took 6 weeks to build Icehotel 33, from start to finish
  • Icehotel has won many awards, among them the world’s leading ice hotel and Swedens leading boutique hotel in World Travel Awards
  • There were 102 applicant artists who submitted contributions to be a part of building this year’s edition of Icehotel

The history of Icehotel

Icehotel opened in 1989 and is beside a hotel also an art exhibition with ever-changing art made of ice and snow. Icehotel is created in a new version every winter, completely made of natural ice from the Torne River, one of Sweden´s national rivers and last untouched waters. When the winter season’s hotel has melted back into the river during the spring, a part of the hotel remains; a place where visitors can experience the ice and snow all year round.

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