Traces of winter

Torneträsk, the largest mountain lake in Scandinavia, is frozen for a month shorter now on average each year, compared to when the filmmakers Kajsa Määttä and Viktor Björnström were children. How will it be in 10 or 15 years? “Tracks” is a film about the effects of global warming above the arctic circle, and it is also a story about the love for snow, nature and snowboarding.

Kajsa and Viktor both grew up in the northernmost parts of Swedish Lapland. Their journey towards film makers began with bringing a camcorder out on the mountain, filming themselves and their friends snowboarding. And it was through this passion they met each other, and eventually started to create films together.

They are both concerned about how we humans affect our planet, and have come to realize that many people find it hard to grasp the issue. The idea for “Tracks” was born out of this. They wanted to highlight the changes that have already occurred outside our windows, and show what we are gambling with on a local level, and our landscapes’ role in the global perspective.

“Tracks” is not a regular snowboard movie. It’s not a climate documentary either. “Tracks” is a story about the beautiful arctic winter, told out of the two filmmaker’s perspective as snowboarders. It’s a film about the aspects of winter that we all have taken for granted, things that mankind right now is about to gamble away.


“Tracks” is written, directed, filmed and edited by Kajsa Määttä and Viktor Björnström and features snowboarding from Kajsa Määttä, Viktor Björnström, Joakim Rasmussen, Björn Lindgren, Anton Forsén, Simon Bonthron, Isa Lindgren Stålnacke, Isolde Lexvall, Albert Björnström and more.

Watch the movie here