Piteå River Valley

A journey with beautiful scenery, wildlife and small villages with many interesting cultural and scenic stops along the way.

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Piteå River Valley

The Pite River Valley is located in the southern region of Swedish Lapland and this touring route describes the area from the municipalities of Piteå and Älvsbyn, across the arctic circle and on to Jokkmokk.

The highlights of this route include the Piteå archipelago, a part of the greater Swedish Lapland Archipelago which has over 4,000 islands. The city of Piteå has excellent shopping, activities and accommodation in a range of styles. Here you will also find a Hotel, Cabin & Camping Resort located on the coast overlooking the archipelago called Pite Havsbad.

The first half of the overall journey from Piteå to Jokkmokk follows the Pite river, through forest land, and past the mighty Storforsen falls, Europes largest rapids. From Storforsen to Jokkmokk you will journey through a region of lakes and forest and cross the arctic circle before arriving at the village of Jokkmokk.

Jokkmokk is a village with a long tradition as a centre for Sámi culture. The annual winter market starting on the first Thursday of February each year has for over 400 years attracted thousands of people for music, exhibitions and trade. Today the village boasts a fantastic museum, range of shops, activities and a close proximity to the mountain regions of Årrenjarka and Stora Sjöfjället.

More information is available at the local tourist office/web.
Piteå: Bryggargatan 14, Piteå +46 (0)911-933 90, www.pitea.se
Älvsbyn: Storgatan 27, Älvsbyn +46 (0)929-108 60, www.alvsbyn.se
Storforsen: Storforsen Hotell, Vidsel +46 (0)929-721 00 (June-August), www.storforsen-hotell.se
Jokkmokk: Stortorget 4, Jokkmokk +46 (0)971-222 50, www.destinationjokkmokk.se

Pite Havsbad is a camping, cabin and hotel resort with a range of activities for all ages including an indoor Water Park. It is also one of the biggest tourism and conference centers in Northern Europe.
There are 550 islands in the Piteå archipelago and over 530 kilometers of costal beaches, of which 230 km are island beaches. The longest unexploited beach is 13 kilometers.
The rapids at Storforsen in Älvsbyn are the largest in Europe - and an impressive sight. The area around Storforsen is well provided with footpaths and walkways that allow the visitors to look at the rapids safely from the edge of the river.
Akkats Power Station outside Jokkmokk, know for the artwork painted on them. Photo: CJ Utsi.
There's some great food and unique Sámi handicraft to get your hands on in Jokkmokk. Photo by CJ Utsi.

A picturesque boat trip through ice

To go on a boat trip and take a swim while you’re at it is a pretty common activity around the world, in the city of Piteå in Swedish Lapland as well. But here, just a hundred kilometres south of ...

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