Torne and Kalix river valleys

This region is one of the sunniest in Sweden with an impressive number of sunshine hours every summer and warm temperatures. So pack your bathing suit and bring along an appetite for great, local cooking.

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Torne and Kalix river valleys

Welcome to the road north along the national rivers in eastern Swedish Lapland: Kalix River and Torne River. Here, the biggest attractions are created by nature itself. In summer, when the midnight sun lavishes its light round the clock, you have even more time and energy to fill your days with memorable experiences.

The five main towns of Kalix, Haparanda, Övertorneå, Överkalix and Pajala are located at convenient distances apart. This means that you don’t have to choose – you can explore the whole region when you are here on holiday. Follow the Torne River along the border to Finland (yes, it is a different country on the other side of the river, so close!) and be fascinated by the exciting history and culture, closely interwoven with our good neighbours in the east. There is rich culture with living minority languages, Finnish, Meänkieli and Sami alongside Swedish.

Take a detour across the mountains to Överkalix in the next river valley. Listen to the earthy dialect of Överkalix, its very own and important part of the area’s identity. And don’t miss the coast with its shallow seaside swimming and fantastic archipelago. Take a boat trip out among the islands or drive your car to the beautiful Seskarö.

Oh, and don’t forget to taste your way along your journey: smoked or grilled freshly caught fish, freshly baked round flatbread and Finnish rye bread with melted butter, the excellent Kalix bleak roe with its protected designation of origin, dunking in a cup, game and berries. Raw produce offered by nature
without additives.

More information is available at the local tourist office/web.

Charming family camping by the sea, caravan places, cabins and a restaurant. Also offers different activities. Photo: Julia Brännmark
Jockfall, with restaurant and cabins. A tranquil place where the only sound is the roaring rapids. The anglers’ shop sales or hires out all the gear you need for fishing and guiding. Photo by Mikael Törnqvist/Lulebild.
Kukkolaforsen offers sauna experiences and activities. The restaurant serves local delicacies suchas white fish and salmon. Photo by Fredrik Broman.
Fishing, canoeing or rafting trips on any of the five pristine rivers - summer in Pajala is something special. Photo by Erik Mäki.
Luppioberget is located 192 meters above sea level. There you’ll find restaurant Utblick who serves local delicacies with a view. Photo by Fredrik Broman.

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