Årrenjarka Mountain Lodge

Årrenjarka Mountain Lodge

Årrenjarka is a beautiful little village, surrounded by mountains, lakes and deep forests.

Situated north of the Arctic Circle, Årrenjarka is close to the border of Sweden’s most magnificent nature, the Laponia World Heritage area. Årrenjarka Mountain Lodge offers high quality accommodation in lakeside cottages, fantastic food made of local produce in the beautiful restaurant, and great activities in the stunningly beautiful surroundings.

Proud of their long experience of hospitality and service they want all guests to have the best time here in the beautiful little village!

Årrenjarka Mountain Lodge is a family owned business with a personal touch and very high quality standards. The cottages, the restaurant, the eating and dining experiences, the overall design and maintenance of the facilities, the activities and the hospitality are all at the top of the line. The family has lived in Årrenjarka for 200 years and has been living of tourism for more than 40 years. Proud of their long experience of hospitality and service they want all the guests to have the best time at the beautiful little village! With a large number of returning guests, many say that once you find this place, you always want to come back.


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