Britta’s Guest House – Treehotel

Britta’s Guest House – Treehotel

Photo: Graeme Richardson

Britta’s is the guest house where all visitors to the Treehotel are welcomed.

It is also the restaurant for the Treehotel and a fantastic accommodation venue in its own right.

Situated in the small village of Harads, a short drive north of Boden, is a unique venue which oozes character, charm and style and sauna, bathtubs, wood-fired outdoor tub, restaurant and conference facilities. Renovated to the current style in the 1950s and maintained in immaculate condition ever since means visiting Britta’s Guest House is like stepping back in time. A time when service, stylish fittings, charming furnature and great food were what made a guest house great. Maybe it’s Brittas inviting sofas, the intimate details that remind us of times past or the crackling fire that brings out the house’s peace and harmony. Make yourself at home, a world away from the stresses and demands of everyday life.


Brittas Guesthouse is under ’heritage protection’, has original wallpaper from the 1950’s in several rooms and each room is unique. Many of the guests will find their own favourite one. Take off your shoes and pad down to the kitchen for an evening sandwich and curl up in bed with a mistress from a time long passed. Brittas Guesthouse has nine rooms with capacity for 16 beds and each room has an internet connection. For those rooms that do not have a shower and toilet, facilities are available in the hallway and relax room.


Visiting Britta’s Guest House is like stepping back in time.

The restaurant offers delicacies from the northern pantry and traditional Swedish dishes. Virtually all ingredients are local and as far as possible organically grown. Their main supplier of game is half a mile from the guest house and called Svantes Wild Game and Berries. Menu changes from day to day depending on season and availability and of course that they are sure that all the ingredients are of the highest possible quality.

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