A hotel of ice and snow.Photo: Christopher Hauser
Even the plates are made of ice. Not the restaurant, though.Photo: Kalle Kramström
The ICEHOTEL Main hall.Photo: Christopher Hauser

ICEHOTEL is an annual art symposium and the world’s first and largest hotel made from ice and snow. It is located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, in Jukkasjärvi, Swedish Lapland.

Welcome to Jukkasjärvi, a remote village located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. Jukkasjärvi is the land of contrasts – in winter, temperatures drop to minus 30 °C and the magical Northern Lights create panoramic light shows across the wintery sky. In summer, the intense midnight sun burns for 100 days and nights without setting. This is the home of ICEHOTEL – a unique art project and a hotel made of ice and snow.

Every winter sees a new incarnation of the hotel as some 40 artists from all over the world gather in Jukkasjärvi to build ICEHOTEL. The hotel is more than rooms and beds; it is an art project made of snow and ice that is totally unique. At ICEHOTEL they work with frozen water from Torne River. Rising from the lake Torneträsk, Torne River is one of the few rivers in Europe that has not been used for industrial purposes and is therefore a unique source. Its natural beauty and special history is an inspiration and is something that the ICEHOTEL believe can never be found in artificial ice.

You can choose to stay in a warm hotel room or chalets; and of course the “sleeping-on-ice” experience in ICEHOTEL. If you are looking for the Northern lights, they can apply the northern light call and wake you up. You can join wilderness adventures through the surrounding taiga forest or on the Torne River with guides; explore the art and sample the wild flavours of Swedish Lapland in the restaurants. After a day of outdoor activities; finish with a drink “on the rocks” in ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL Jukkasjärvi.

The hotel is more than rooms and beds; it is an art project made of snow and ice that is totally unique.


Food is important and ICEHOTEL believe that it is equally important to you as a guest. Therefore they offer something for all appetites and moods – a finer gourmet restaurant as well as places with a more homely feeling. You can visit ICEHOTEL restaurant and experience a gastronomic adventure and a high-end à la carte menu in a bright and modern atmosphere. The cuisine of ICEHOTEL Restaurant has been featured in gourmet magazines around the world and has been awarded the prestigious Werner Vögeli Statuette and honorary New Nordic Food diplom awarded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. A part from ICEHOTEL Restaurant there are also the traditional homestead restaurant Hembygdsgården, the Lounge, the Porch and of course the popular ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL. Even if none of the restaurants are made of ice, several of the dishes are served on plates made of the crystal clear ice from the Torne River when you order something from the famous ice menu.


ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL Jukkasjärvi was first set up in 1994 and is the original icebar. Visiting ICEBAR is something you should do at least once in your life. Sip on a delicious cocktail or have a glass of champagne – obviously the glasses are made entirely out of ice. Dance on a floor made of snow and do some late night mingling with visitors from near and far that have all traveled to this little bar by the Torne River. Like the rest of ICEHOTEL, ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL Jukkasjärvi, takes on a new guise every year, designed by artists from all over the world.

A year-round hotel of ice

The world-famous ICEHOTEL outside Kiruna was initially just a crazy idea for the winter. These days it’s just as crazy – but all year round. Normally at this time of year in Swedish ...

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