Kiruna in Swedish Lapland

Kiruna Church
ICEHOTEL in JukkasjärviPhoto: Graeme Richardson
Tjuonavagge also known as "Lapporten"Photo: Anneli Jaako
Northern Lights seen from Camp RipanPhoto: Tetsu Miwa
Camp RipanPhoto: Jonas Sundberg
Aurora Spa at Camp RipanPhoto: Björn Wanhatalo
Tjuonavagge also known as "Lapporten"Photo: Carl-Johan Utsi
Björkliden Railway StationPhoto: Carl-Johan Utsi
Nutti Lodge
Nutti Lodge
Aurora Sky Station in AbiskoPhoto: Mattias Mannberg
Photo: Mattias Mannberg

When you come to Kiruna you can choose between many different kinds of accommodation.

In winter you can stay in rooms of snow and ice, and in summer and autumn you can bring the tent as a temporary residence. The climate in Kiruna can be quite demanding at times, and when the tent can’t make it, then there is great accommodation in town as well as in the mountains and in the countryside.

Comfort means different things for different people, and there is both simpler and more luxurious accommodation that fits the description of comfort. You can stay in a modern lavvu with TV, a nice bed and massage shower in the bathroom; or in a more traditional lavvu, where you can enjoy a good night’s sleep without things like a TV or a Jacuzzi. You can sleep in cabins by the river or in a hotel in town. Some hotels have a recurring theme in rooms and decoration, where others have unique themes in all their rooms. In Kiruna you can also choose to stay in self-catering apartments or cabins. You can stay in the 500 year old countryside in the eastern part of Kiruna; stay in a log cabin by the Lainio river, with a fire stove or your own sauna; stay in the old vicarage in Junosuando; stay in the peculiar rooms at Sopperogården in Övre Soppero.

Maybe you want to spend your days among the mountains in the northwest? Along the road E10 towards Norway or in the Kebnekaise mountain area you’ll find plenty of nice accommodation! In Abisko you can have a hotel stay, a cabin, youth hostel or self-catering; in Björkliden you’ll also find a number of choices; Katterjokk and Riksgränsen, closer to the border, also provide different options. You can also find nice and cosy accommodation at Kebnekaise Mountain Lodge and Låktatjåkko Mountain Lodge; the latter actually Sweden’s highest situated mountain lodge! It doesn’t matter how you get to your chosen accommodation; by foot, on skis, by helicopter, by snowmobile, by bus, train or by car. In any case you will surely be well taken care of!

Transforming Kiruna – a new town emerges

The town transformation in Kiruna has received attention in Sweden as well as internationally – never before has such a large community been transformed. The reason is that mining has caused subsi...