Hotel Standard roomsPhoto: Graeme Richardson
DogsleddingPhoto: Graeme Richardson
DogsleddingPhoto: Franziska Kohler
RestaurantPhoto: Graeme Richardson
SaunaPhoto: Graeme Richardson
Hotel standard roomsPhoto: Graeme Richardson
Wilderness Cabins SummerPhoto: Graeme Richardson
Wilderness Cabins SummerPhoto: Graeme Richardson

Lappeasuando provides inviting accommodation and beautiful scenery.

Hotel standard rooms

The 6 rooms offer a wonderful view on the river Kalix, has its own entry, and space for 2-4 persons. Shower and bathroom facilities and internet access are in every room.

Wilderness Cabins

The cabins are located several kilometers up the river and are in winter. Warm sleeping bags are available at all times. The recently installed toilets are heated as well and can be found in a separate building.


Dogsledding and other activities are available at Lappeasuando.


The taste of Swedish Lapland

In Swedish Lapland we keep honestly prepared food from local produce close to heart. That comes quite naturally to us since we are surrounded by nature’s pureness and lots of great ingredients. We...

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