Sörbyn Lodge

Sörbyn Lodge

Sörbyn Lodge beautifully located next to a small lake.Photo: Graeme Richardson
Lounge area.Photo: Graeme Richardson
Restaurant.Photo: Graeme Richardson
View from the cabins at Sörbyn Lodge.Photo: Graeme Richardson

Located on a beautiful lake near the small village of Sörbyn this venue has a variety of accommodation options.

The accommodation options includes older style timber cabins, caravan camping and newly built hotel rooms. The hotel boasts a restaurant of high class which is renowned locally for its fine dining using local ingredients. The hotel itself offers a range of activities in the winter and summer and the adventure company Creactive Adventure is based very close to the hotel in the small village of Gunnarsbyn. Of special mention are the fishing opportunities and activities in winter and in summer. In winter the hotel offers some excellent dog sledding tours with a team of pure bred Siberian Huskies.

In a natural setting

A variety of accommodation options gives you as a guest a choice of levels of service, and price levels. Sörbyn Lodge offer hotel and cabins for accommodation. The hotel annex, built in 2010, is directly adjacent to the restaurant and reception.  They are furnished Scandinavian style according to different themes, reflecting our climate and setting. The four-bed cabins were renovated in 2008 and are most suitable for families, and as twin/double chalet for couples. They all contain a kitchenette and bathroom.

Wood fired sauna

Experience the feeling and pleasure of a genuine Swedish Lapland sauna with a swim in the cool spring lake of Vitträsket refreshing water. In the timbered wood-heated sauna everyone gets all warmed up – right into the heart and soul. Sit on the bench and listen to the fire crackle while whispering flames dance in the stove. The stove sputters when the water hits the rocks, feel the heat from the water vapor when it comes creeping down from the ceiling. In between you enjoy our tasty sauna washer which is based on our Swedish Lapland delicacies together with an ice chilled beer. A guaranteed warm and memorable experience.
Towels are included. Reservations only.

Restaurant Kallkällan

The culinary side of Sörbyn Lodge is the restaurant Kallkällan (The Spring) and it is run with the aim of constantly developing their local cuisine. Mostly, they work with organic produce from the immediate area, which they complement with delicacies from other parts of the world. This is how they achieve an array of flavours based on traditional Swedish dishes with global finesse. Their spring water comes from the underground sources of Lake Vitträsket, and no chemical purification is needed. they serve it eau naturelle or if wished slightly sparkling.

Gastronomic cooking at Sörbyn

Gastronomic Cooking at Sörbyn Lodge

A nervously excited group is greeted in the lobby at Sörbyn Lodge. We’re about to cook. Not just any kind of food either, real gastronomic gems. We will be doing it ourselves, coached by the...

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