Camping in Swedish Lapland

Camping, a timeless journey. Time to travel, time for each other. Especially during the light summer nights in Swedish Lapland where the adventure never ends. Go swimming or kayaking in the middle of the night – or golfing! Ski season stretches from November to May, and many ski resorts offer all the comforts a camper need.


At Västra Kajen guests are always in focus

Just a stone’s throw from central Piteå you will find a cultural camping gem in a marine environment, renowned for its unique hospitality. Västra Kajen is a place that many return to, time and tim...

Recommended touring routes
  • Piteå River Valley

    The Pite River Valley is located in the southern region of Swedish Lapland and this touring route describes the area from the municipalities of Piteå and Älvsbyn, across the arctic circle and on to ...

  • Torne and Kalix river valleys

    Welcome to the road north along the national rivers in eastern Swedish Lapland: Kalix River and Torne River. Here, the biggest attractions are created by nature itself. In summer, when the midnight su...

  • Towns in Swedish Lapland

    Swedish Lapland is Sweden’s northernmost destination, spanning from Skellefteå in the south to Kiruna in the north. The free-flowing rivers have been a connector for all the towns and villages with...

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