A room in the mountains

From low fjelds to mountain tops, Swedish Lapland has countless hiking trails and ski resorts. And lodges and hotels in roadless land. Luxury suites and mountain huts. And lots and lots of space.

Låktatjåkko, Sweden’s highest Mountain Station

One thousand, two hundred and twenty-eight metres above sea level is where you find Sweden’s highest mountain station: Låktatjåkko. It takes you a couple of hours to walk there from Björkliden and...

  • The mindset of Geunja

    Even with people there, the calmness of the place stands out. Geunja Sami Eco Lodge stands there, carefully tucked in between the shores of a crystal clear lake and the foot of a high mountain. On the...

    Maria Broberg
  • Sápmi Nature Camp

    Sápmi Nature Camp is located just outside Gällivare. In many ways, it’s a completely different world, a place to go if you want to change a little. Sápmi Nature Camp in Gällivare, north of the Arctic ...

    Håkan Stenlund
  • World’s best place for northern lights

    Abisko National Park, in Swedish Lapland, offers some of the best conditions in the world for northern lights watching. The unique climate of the area keep the skies almost clear, and the light pollut...

    Håkan Stenlund
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