7 day tour – Jokkmokk Winter Market & ICEHOTEL

7 day tour – Jokkmokk Winter Market & ICEHOTEL

Seasons to visit:


Jokkmokk Winter Market.
Crossing the Arctic Circle.
Snowcovered tracks.

Come along on this eventful winter trip with Inlandsbanan. A sparkling white journey to Jokkmokk Winter Market, Icehotel, and other selected winter gems.

Visit the legendary, over 400-year-old Jokkmokk Winter Market. This is a time when the Sami cultural ­heritage takes centre stage with a rich programme of events. Listen to lectures and see slide shows, enjoy music concerts, see the famous reindeer caravan, the reindeer race, and huskies pulling sleds on frozen Lake Talvatis. This is the package for discerning travellers wishing to experience Arctic Sweden during the winter, with other highlights such as the Northern Lights, and a full-day excursion to the world’s first ice hotel, Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi. The trip on Inlandsbanan from Östersund to the arctic north is an adventure in itself, with mighty views and stops along the way to enjoy lunch and dinner at local restaurants.


Jokkmokk Winter Market – with a taste of history and nature

Since 1605, for over 400 years, Jokkmokk’s wonderful Winter Market has been held annually beginning on the first Thursday in February. Attracting tens of thousands of visitors from around th...

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