A peaceful Christmas in Lapland Vuollerim

A peaceful Christmas in Lapland Vuollerim

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Try ice fishing!Photo: Lapland Vuollerim

Come and celebrate an authentic Swedish Christmas in Vuollerim, Lapland, near the Arctic Circle!

Experience a Christmas in white! Get around the village using a kick sleigh, try skiing, snowboarding  or drive a snowmobile. You can also just relax and enjoy genuine everyday experiences in this winter land of snow, reindeer, the Blue and Northern Lights! This package offers a variety of experiences for many tastes, and ages whether you come in a group or alone. Here is the place to experience genuine activities in the warmth of friendly welcoming villagers. And be part of preparing an old fashioned holiday  celebration.

Swedish Lapland is near! Flight time is approximately 1.15 minutes from Arlanda Airport in Stockholm to Luleå Airport. From there, only 1.5 hours drive to Vuollerim. In Vuollerim, the big and small Lule River comes together and flows into one of the largest rivers In Sweden. This River has characterized the district since time immemorial. People have come together and lived here for over 6000 years. The game-rich forests and fish-filled rivers have offered plenty of food. This and much more is the basis for the well-known “Vuollerim spirit”-  warm and open people. Here you will meet not a tourist resort – you meet a village!

You will stay at Hotel Vuollerim Gästgiveriet, in the heart of Vuollerim, where each hotel room has been decorated by various villagers. Additional activities may be available by request.


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