Ájtte Swedish Mountain and Sámi Museum

Ájtte Swedish Mountain and Sámi Museum

Photo: Tenneh Kjellsson
Photo: Elin Nygård
Photo: Folke Hansen
Photo: Jan Gustavson
Photo: Jan Gustavsson

Ájtte Swedish Mountain and Sámi Museum. Meet the Sámi people and the high mountains.

Jokkmokk, just north of the arctic circle has been a meeting place for trade, gatherings, festivals and meetings between friends from far and near. This is the site of Ájtte, Swedish Mountain and Sámi Museum, a gateway to the high mountains, to the world heritage of Laponia and to the Sámi culture.

Here, we tell the story of Sápmi, the land and the people, of life and survival in a demanding climate and environment. It is a story set in the wetlands, forests and mountains.

Sápmi, the land of the Sámi extends without bounds across the territory of four nations. Here we have hunted and lived for thousands of years. We have given names to mountaintops and streams, we have raised our children and we have followed the reindeer.

Join us on a guided tour. We will tell you more about how to manage in a harsh environment, about the drums and religion found here before most of us were Christian, about our clothes and silver and the famous winter market in Jokkmokk. And why dont you, at the end, try and fly across Laponia, our world heritage!


Jokkmokk Winter Market. And the story continues

During winter 2016 Jokkmokk winter market were held for the 411th year running. Apart from world-class Sami art, culture and handicraft, visitors are normally greeted by proper, cold winter weathe...