Aurora hunt by dogsled

Aurora hunt by dogsled

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You will experience dogsledding in the beautiful landscape of Kiruna.Photo: Gaynor Leeper
Northern lights over Kiruna.Photo: Tetsu Miwa

The aurora hunt by dogsled is the perfect way to increase your chances of spotting the often elusive northern lights.

Immerse yourself in the dark wintry nights of Lapland and escape the city lights by sitting on a big sled pulled by a team of exciteable yet friendly Alaskan Huskies. The trail winds its way through pine and birch forest down to the famous Torne river where you can see the night sky stretching far infront of you. At our half way point we stop at a traditional Sami-style tipi, lavvu, for a warming drink and a popular Swedish snack. Here you can choose to take comfort and warmth from the open fire or, if luck is on your side, you can marvel at the display of Aurora outside.

This 3-hour activity available from December – April includes:

  • Transfer and guide
  • Warm clothing
  • Coffee/tea and a snack

How to photograph the northern lights

So you’ve gone to Swedish Lapland, Sweden’s northernmost destination, to experience the magical northern lights...