Beer tasting

Beer tasting

Photo: Bryggerikällaren
Photo: Bryggerikällaren

Beer tasting within the only local brewery in Piteå, Pite Bryggeri.

Welcome to Bryggerikällaren! They offer an inspiring evening where you will be able to taste several different types of beer in order to fully appreciate the colors, aroma and the taste of beer. They will also guide you through the history and the process of beer making.

Bryggerikällaren is located in connection to Pite Bryggeri, the only local brewery in Piteå. Pite Bryggeri is a microbrewery that specializes in traditional handcrafted beer with a modern touch. The beer is brewed on site, using the fresh water flowing just outside the brewery, in the Pite River.

At Bryggerikällaren they believe in supporting local producers and they take great pride in serving “from farm to table” products.

When dining or having a beer tasting at Bryggerikällaren, you literally sit just five feet away from the brew house itself, which is clearly visible through a set of glass walls.

A beer tasting at Bryggerikällaren is a great way to experience the local handicraft beverage scene and to learn more about beer. Welcome to the first step of becoming a beer connoisseur.


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