Photo: Ulrica Holm
Photo: Graeme Richardson
Photo: Karin Åberg

The year of the reindeer – a Sami story and tasting experience.

You are invited to listen to a story told by a Sami, where you will learn about the Sami culture, which revolves around the reindeer.

The herders follow their reindeer all year around – from the birth of the calves in the month of May, protecting them from predators and relocating them between summer and winter pastures.

Reindeer meat is essential in the Sami cuisine, which is characterized by being healthy, flavoursome and organic. The presentation, which is held at the Sami owned shop, Biergo, ends with a tasting experience that represents a variety of Sami cooking methods.

The Year of the Reindeer is also available at other locations on request.

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