Canoeing in the Pearl river Nature Reserve, 5 Days

Canoeing in the Pearl river Nature Reserve, 5 Days

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A wonderful landscapePhoto: Jokkmokkguiderna
Photo: Jokkmokkguiderna
A fishing license is included in the price.Photo: Jokkmokkguiderna
There will be typical Swedish Lapland food.Photo: Jokkmokkguiderna

Grab a paddle and join us on a canoe tour in one of Swedish Lapland’s unknown wilderness areas.

The Pärlälvens (Pearl river) Nature Reserve is one of Sweden’s last forest areas without any roads. This is an area that not many tourists have found yet, most people travelling here is local people. A wonderful landscape with small mountains rising above the old forest.

Every evening we set a camp on the beach near by the lake. When we make shorter hiking tours up in the surroundings we only bring daypacks. The lake Karats also offers good fishing possibilities so we can catch both Salmon trout, pike, perch and grayling.

This 5-day package available from the end of June – end of August includes:

  • Wilderness guide
  • 1 canoe/2 persons and life jackets
  • Tent and sleeping bag
  • Fishing license
  • Full board
  • 4 night in mountain tents


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