Caving in Abisko

Caving in Abisko

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Photo: Magdalena Lindholm

Step into the mountain and discover winding passages and whirling streams!

There’s something about caves that evoke feelings of mystery and excitement. The excitement of exploring things that are long forgotten or secret. Near Abisko, in northern Swedish Lapland, is one of Sweden’s longest caves.

Underground in Kåppashåla

A few kilometers westwards from Abisko is the cave called “Kåppashåla”. Almost hidden, and the entrance reminds of a labyrinth with its narrow passageways and fabulous formations created by water flowing for thousands of years. Down in the underworld, you become overwhelmed by large caverns, narrow passageways and ancient formations created by the forces of nature.

Be prepared for a cool experience as we try to keep ourselves dry when passing through a feature curiously known as “the Dry Cleaner” and crawl through “the Palm Passage” on our journey underground. Above ground again, we walk along Kåppasjåkka River where we can pause to see waterfalls and giants’ kettles.

Put your headlamp on and explore this breathtaking caves with narrow passages and ancient formations created by nature.

An autumn hike in Abisko

Autumn… It can be really boring… and dreary… and just… just wonderful! Autumn is so immediate; it makes its first appearance after a chilly night and then moves on at full speed. Its colours and c...

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