Celebrate a white Christmas!

Celebrate a white Christmas!

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Celebrate a guaranteed crystal white Christmas in Kiruna.Photo: Jonas Sundberg

A true winter experience with all the Christmas trimmings!

Celebrate a guaranteed crystal white Christmas with skiing, winter games and snowshoe walks under a spectacular show of the Northern Lights above your head. Satisfy yourself and your palate with the exotic delicacies of the Swedish Lapland pantry. At Camp Ripan you live close to nature in your own chalet where adventures await you just outside your chalet door.

They have Christmas activities for the entire family. Follow the hotel staff on a sled tour with snowmobiles to find the yearly grand Christmas tree, meet Santa Claus and his team of reindeer and enjoy our generous and unique Christmas smorgasbord. With Camp Ripan you are guaranteed a true winter experience with all the Christmas trimmings!

This 5-day activity available in the end of December may include activities such as:

  • Christmas smorgasbord with a multitude of variations of herring and salmon, hams, smoked reindeer, lamb, deer and pork, meatballs, ribs and much, much more.
  • Father Christmas arrives in his sled complete with reindeer. This is usually the highlight for all, both big and small. He tells his tale of the eventful journey over the mountains through the snow storm and everyone is given the chance to acquaint themselves with his reindeer. All children will receive a small Christmas gift from Father Christmas.
  • Torchlight procession to early Christmas Mass, Julotta, an old Swedish Christmas tradition. The Kiruna Church, which is extraordinarily beautiful in its form of a large Sami hut, was honored with “Sweden’s Most Beautiful Building” in 2000.
  • The area surrounding Camp Ripan is a gigantic arena of experience. You can choose from a wide variety of activities; snowmobile, dog sledding and maybe a tour to the mine. If you would like to do something else, you can rent skis or snowshoes and walk around the area of Camp Ripan.

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