Cloudberry Festival

Cloudberry Festival

Seasons to visit:

Summer, Autumn

Cloudberries.Photo: LaplandVuollerim
A cloudberry in the wild.Photo: LaplandVuollerim
Berry picking with a local.Photo: LaplandVuollerim
Cloudberries ready to be eaten.Photo: LaplandVuollerim

The gold of Swedish Lapland!

The exquisite and exclusive cloudberry of Arctic Lapland is ready for harvest in the woodland marshes around Vuollerim. You will be escorted to the rich berry land to find the Gold of Lapland. Afterwards you can cook your own jam. A good lunch basket with coffee will also be included along with a knowledgeable guide. Then come and join us for a Cloudberry packed three course dinner.

Certified with Nature’s Best, the first national quality label for nature tours in Europe.

The red gold of Swedish Lapland

With the Nobel festivities yet again in focus, we’ll be taking a look at one of the returning key components on the Nobel menu; Kalixlöjrom. Vendace roe from the Islands of Swedish Lapland, an ori...

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