Colors of Swedish Lapland – The Blue Light Package

Colors of Swedish Lapland – The Blue Light Package

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The blue light is the opposite of the midnight sun.Photo: Patricica Cowern
The blue light can be seen in Vuollerim.Photo: Patricica Cowern
It's a beauty of the nature.Photo: Patricica Cowern

Each season holds its special light to make this region breathtakingly beautiful.

The intense Blue Light occurs for 6 to 7 weeks in December and January when the sun doesn’t cross the Arctic Circle’s horizon. It is the opposite of the midnight sun season, although it is far from dark. The snow, the stars, the moon, the Northern Light, together with the blue light, create an ethereal scenery; like “walking on a theatre scene”. This is the right time to take a break and absorb the magical beauty of nature at its best.

This 4-day package available from the middle of December – January may include activities such as:

  • Northern Lights safari – try to catch the northern lights! Guided tour.
  • Capture the Blue Light and snowflakes. How to get the best photo shoot. Beautiful “Porsiudden” beside the river. Guided tour, workshop and transfer.
  • Learn how to make Ice Lanterns, local tradition in the village of thousand ice lanterns.
  • Tepee dinner, with a special forest Sámi reindeer dinner and storytelling.
  • Experience the darkness, the silence, the stars and maybe the great moonlight in the middle of nowhere. Overnight sleep in the wilderness in a wooden fire cabin. Guided tour with a skilled villager, transport with car and snowmobile.
  • Visit a forest Sámi reindeer herd. Go with the forest Sámi man Thomas to their reindeers and experience the everyday life with the reindeers. Transport with car from Hotel Vuollerim, guide, refreshment (light lunch) and coffee, transport with snowmobile sleigh.
  • Cross the Arctic Circle and get the certificate ceremony and have a guided tour in the world known Sámi museum Ájtte, Jokkmokk. Transfer, certificate ceremony, Sámi snacks and guide.
  • Enjoy a special House Jumping Dinner with villagers – appetizer, main course and dessert are served in different homes! A magical experience that stays long.
  • Check out for Northern Lights in the surroundings with a kick sledge.
  • A visit to the Treehotel.


Vuollerim – a small village with thousands of bright ideas

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