Crossing Lapland with dog sled, 8 days

Crossing Lapland with dog sled, 8 days

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This travel goes straight through Lapland’s great areas.Photo: Jokkmokkguiderna
You cross the extensive mountain moors.Photo: Jokkmokkguiderna
One of the sled dogs.Photo: Jokkmokkguiderna

From Jokkmokks forests in the east and up along the river valleys you travel towards the mountains with Jokkmokkguiderna

We cross the extensive mountain moors high above the timber line over to the river Stora Luleälvens glen. This is a tour for you who want to experience a travel straight through Swedish Lapland’s great areas, from the snow covered forest up to the bare mountains! We bring snowshoes on the tour and track wild animals as reindeer, moose, lynx, hare, ptarmigan etc. The tour starts in Jokkmokk and ends in Saltoluokta.

This 8-day package available from the end of February – middle of April includes:

  • Equipment
  • Wilderness guide
  • One dog team per person
  • Full board
  • Accommodations: 1 night at Villa Åsgård, 3 nights in wilderness cabins, 1 night in mountain tents, 1 night at Årrenjarka Mountain Lodge and 1 night at Saltoluokta Mountain lodge

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