Dinner on Ice™

Dinner on Ice™

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Photo: Per Petterson

A unique dinner event on the frozen sea.

As you leave the shore, just out from Brändön, you are walking out onto the ice in the crisp cold, beneath a starry sky. The darkness surrounds you and the snow crunches under your shoes. You are walking towards the light of the fire and you will soon arrive at the lávvu tent for a warm and unique dinner event you will remember for a long time.

An experience for all the senses

Dinner on Ice is an experience for all the senses. Sitting on reindeer hides by the table with white tablecloths, candelabras and warm plates. You can feel the warmth from crackling fire while being served good wine, a delicious three-course dinner and steaming hot coffee.

The dinner is situated on the frozen sea, with sea ice as the restaurant floor and the stars as the ceiling. If you are lucky the northern lights will light up the sky while you are walking out to the lávvu tent. Exhilarate your senses with a unique, heart-warming experience on the frozen sea in Swedish Lapland.


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