Dogsledding adventure and northern lights

Dogsledding adventure and northern lights

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One of the sled dogs.Photo: Jokkmokkguiderna
Northern lights over Jokkmokk.Photo: Jokkmokkguiderna

Experience the mid-winter in Lapland!

Travel with your own team of Siberian huskies through the fairytale forests and see the mysterious Northern Lights slowly dancing over the sky. Spend the nights in a canvas tents and wooden huts. Fetch water from a hole in the ice and feel the warmth from the glowing fire in the wooden stove. See tracks from the wild animals and experience the true wilderness way of living in close contact with our loving sled dogs.

You will drive your own team with 4 Siberian huskies.

We will pick you up in Jokkmokk and drive you to our kennel, located just outside Jokkmokk. Here those who need get dressed in warm thermo parkas and pants and boots. You will learn how to handle a dog sled, how to communicate with the huskies and learn about safety in cold climate etc. We harness the sled dogs and pack the sleds and get ready for start. You will drive your own team with 4 Siberian huskies. Every day we stop and prepare our lunch over open fire out in the nature. By the huts and tent camps everyone help out with taking care of and feeding the dogs, cooking and fetch water from the lake/river, etc.

There is no guarantee for the Northern Lights but hopefully we will see this fantastic light phenomena dancing over the sky during the nights. On day four we head back to Jokkmokk and will arrive to the kennel in the afternoon full of new experiences. We give the dogs some snack and take off the harnesses. After saying goodbye to your new friends we’ll drive you back to Jokkmokk.


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