Dogsledding tours in the forest

Dogsledding tours in the forest

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The team of sled dogs are enthusiastic and ready to go.Photo: Graeme Richardson
On this tour you go through the forest and across frozen lakes.Photo: Graeme Richardson

Have you ever heard the sound of 60 excited Alaskan Huskys communicating? This sound is what greets a visitor at the Husky-farm located some 35 minutes from Luleå.

Join us on a fabulous dogsledding tour in the snow covered forest surrounding Luleå or alternatively across the frozen mid winter ocean and out to the fabulous Luleå Archipelago. These tours are an interesting and unique adventure not only for the mode of travel but also due to the spectacular landscapes.

The team of dogs are enthusiastic and ready to go and you will soon be seated on a sled with 2 or 3 other people behind a team of 4 or more huskies. When your sled driver, you and the huskies are ready you will take off at pace along trails through the forest and across frozen lakes on a 2 hour adventure. Going on a dog-sledding tour through the Arctic winter is an extraordinary experience in many ways. The strength of the dogs and their capability to pull the sled at high speed in the varied terrain, the crisp climate and stunning surroundings all gives the visitor a thrill never forgotten! Go as a passenger or drive your own sled.

Dogsledding is a family passion

As the warm and personable owners of Svedjekojan, Caisa and Ulf and their 65 beautiful and enthusiastic sled dogs are your guides to fulfilling this snowy adventure that is on so many bucket lists...