Dogsledding with Isdimma

Dogsledding with Isdimma

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Photo: Fredrik Broman
One of the siberian huskies in Sörbyn.Photo: Graeme Richardson
Beautiful pure bred siberian huskies.Photo: Graeme Richardson
An ideal location with endless forests and lakes.Photo: Graeme Richardson

Meet the siberian husky in its favourite conditions, the subarctic forest land of Swedish Lapland. Dogsledding with a true connection to nature.

See how 20+ dogs are being taken care of by their owner and partner, learn about the history of the breed, the narrative from a musher about its legacy, outdoor life and passion for our true connection to nature. Isdimma Husky Adventures is certified to run, hold, foster and love a huge pack of Siberian huskies. They have green card in mushing, licensed to run sled dogs, licensed to allow customers to run their own team of Isdimma Siberians and life long experience welcoming people to Sweden. Beside Isdimma’s “leave no trace method” 5% of the price on ordinary dogsledding tours goes directly to Ethical & Sustainable development in the world. We endorse businesses to join us on our mission to reach a target of less impact on the world, so therefore 10% from events and special tours goes directly to Ethical & Sustainable development in the world. Isdimma cooperate and partner with EMPATHERRA (International edu-cation and communication project toward a thriving future) and LUMAN (Future Ready NOW), a California based business and not-for-profit project to assist and motivate businesses and people to strive towards sustainable and more ethical progress which sustains a thriving future for both humans and the planet. The work ethos is not focused on “charity as usual” but on tangible reparation, restoration and education for leaders, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and at team level.

Husky Tour

Isdimma husky adventures are special. This is an extremely high quality and intimate dogsledding experience, beyond the ordinary. The differences are tangible: Beautiful pure bred Siberian huskies. Calm and quiet even prior to the start of a tour. Closely bonded with their Swedish family and carers. Only 2 people per dog sled and only 2 sleds per tour. A small family business where the owner is the lead guide. Time to relax and get to know the huskies and learn about their life. An ideal location with endless forests and lakes. The sled tour then heads off into the forest and across frozen lakes.

Self drive/Combo drive husky tour

You harness the teams, go through safety procedures, instruction on how the sled works, how to steer and control it. You head off into the pristine wilderness, either over frozen river routes, marsh lands and mountains or through a mysterious and spellbinding forest trail. An experienced musher follows either on snowmobile or with a leading dog team. Dependent on trail conditions (seasonal aspects and weather) you will both mush the team and sit on the sled and then continue to alternate this way. A life experience out of the ordinary, personally developing whilst touching base with our origins in a profound way.

A combination of Self drive and passenger excursion. Clients swap between mushing and sitting on the passenger sled.

Upon request:

Tailor made, specially designed longer expeditions

Unique narratives guaranteeing epic experiences and dream-like journeys beyond luxury. Inspiration and passion from the creative guides, compassionate and carefully orchestrated themes that are unique for every excursion that are made.

Events with Filming, Photo sessions or Inspections

For corporations, organizations and groups who don’t want an ordinary tour, but want to experience the huskies for other purposes like filming, inspection tours for agents or journalists.

Dogsledding is a family passion

As the warm and personable owners of Svedjekojan, Caisa and Ulf and their 65 beautiful and enthusiastic sled dogs are your guides to fulfilling this snowy adventure that is on so many bucket lists...