Essense of Lapland

Essense of Lapland

Photo: Dean Hearne
Photo: Jennie Pettersson
Photo: Lennart Jönsson
Photo: Jennie Pettersson

At home in Lappstan — come close to nature & culture

Meet Eva Gunnare, Essense of Lapland, culture guide, food connoisseur as well as specialist in local wild herbs and berries. On this tour we walk through the oldest part of Jokkmokk to Lappstan, a residential area built especially for the Sami reindeer herders in the 1950s.

After the short walk (1.5 km) we will end up in Eva’s house and kitchen to taste many homemade treats made from the wild herbs and berries, and drink some herbal tea or coffee. This is a tasty way to learn more about nature, culture and life in the north.

Flavour performance — a show for all your senses!

You will have a unique experience of Lapland’s nature and culture in a personal, informative and entertaining way with food and culture connoisseur Eva Gunnare. Through stories, pictures, songs and exciting taste and smell sensations you get to know the world of Lapland all year round! Location may vary according to the size of the group. This activity can be held anywhere in Swedish Lapland and all year around.


Meet Eva, Swedish Lapland food creator

She made the move from Stockholm to Swedish Lapland in her twenties to work at a mountain station and had her first life changing experience. Several years later she had the next one as she found ...

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