Explore the North fishing

Explore the North fishing

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Explore the North is beautifully situated on Lake Saarijärvi, who holds both trout and char.

It is about 200 metre to the Lainio river where you have access to 30 kilometres of really good salmon and grayling water. So this is a great opportunity to make a combination trip where you both chase the big salmon and grayling, trout and char with a dry fly.

The hotel and the cabins are of high standard, and the Huskey cabin where you’ll stay has four double rooms in a double rooms and here you have your own private kitchen and every room got onsuit. Do you need some tips and tricks, there is always someone on site who can help. Towels, Linens and departure cleaning are always included.

The Vulgata Rally

One of nature’s most beautiful displays takes place during a couple of weeks every summer. A mayfly called Ephemera vulgata hatches and every single fish in the lake go crazy when presented ...

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