Fisherman Bay

Fisherman Bay

Photo: Bearfoot North
Photo: Anders Westergren

An adventure in Piteå archipelago…

…where you visit the most outer islands and take part of the old and rich fishing culture that is a signum for the archipelago of Piteå. A visit to Bondön, Mjoön or Rebben Island will forever remain in your memory. You might be lucky to meet some of the few people which can be seen out here in the Baltic wilderness, and take part of their stories and come very close to the old fisherman life.

FAT biking on the ice will give you a certain feeling of being borderless as you just pedal forward against the never-ending horizon. This time of the year the sun caresses you and at your break sitting on the small reindeer skin you will understand why this is the paradise.

Day 1

Your guide will pick you up at your accommodation and transfer you to our starting point. Here, you will be equipped with bikes, helmets and necessary safety equipment in a backpack. During this day you pedal through and across the Baltic Sea with stops at the fisherman monuments on the islands as the old chapel, houses and even persons still living out here.

In the afternoon you go back to your starting point and end the day with some refreshments and a summary before you will be transferred back to your accommodation.

A picturesque boat trip through ice

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