Fishing in UNESCO World heritage Laponia

Fishing in UNESCO World heritage Laponia

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Fishing in Stora Sjöfallet.Photo: Andreas Hinzer

No needed equipment or previous experience, just a curiosity to try a relaxing experience.

With Stora Sjöfallets special permission from the Swedish government you will be able to fish inside the World heritage Laponia. The fishing area is connected direclyt to the main buildings. Arctic char, Whitefish and Trout are the ones for best chance of catching. There is also a camp-site constructed on the site where you will be teached how to make coffee in the traditional way over the open fire. You’ll be able to enjoy a “fika” (coffee with a snack) during the evening. Towards the end of the day they set the tables for dinner by the shore of the river, under the midnight sun. You will be taught how to rinse your fish and how to cook it properly. Hopefully you cook the fish from the catch of the day.

This 3h activity available from July – August includes dinner over an open fire and coffee/tea.

Fly fishing philosophy

If a fish, or a catch, is to be a story, the fish has to be out of the ordinary, preferably bordering on dangerous. And if the story is to become a classic, the fish should be as big as a whale or...

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