Fishing whitefish with a bag net

Fishing whitefish with a bag net

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Try out your skills with a guide!Photo: Graeme Richardson
A bag net with a long handle is needed.Photo: Graeme Richardson

For catching whitefish, Kukkola village has a special kind of fishing method which dates back to 1500s.

Whitefish fishing in Kukkolaforsen is a unique experience. To be able to fish from the piers in the river, a fisherman needs a bag net with a 6-meter-long handle. A good fisherman needs to know the resting places of fish as well as have strength to fish for hours at a time. The method is also very unique in another way, it’s only used in two remote rivers in the world, the Gulf of Bohtnia and the Amazon in Brazil.

Kukkolaforsen offer you the possibility to try your fishing luck. They will provide the long handle net, the place and the instructor. You will also keep all fish you can catch during the hour you are fishing. Try out your skills with a guide!


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