Forest escape by dog sled

Forest escape by dog sled

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Photo: Gaynor Leeper
Photo: Gaynor Leeper
Photo: Fredrik Ludvigsson
Photo: Lapland Sleddog Adventures

Imagine gliding through the sparkling wintery landscape of Swedish Lapland by dog sledge; something you will have dreamed of as a child.

The glitter of snowflakes is all around and the cold air is filled with the warm breath of the dogs, panting as they run, winding their way along an exciting, yet secluded, forest trail. Through the trees, you get your first glimpse of our lavvu, a traditional Sámi style tipi retreat, where you will warm yourself once more around a roaring fire and with a steaming mug of hot chocolate or coffee in your hands. The scenery that surrounds you is stunning and you may even see reindeer or moose on your adventure.

This is the Arctic winter at its best and we pride ourselves in offering an exceptional and high-quality experience for you and your family.

Away from the crowds, yet just a short distance from Kiruna centre, our kennel is also our home; a rustic home, hand-crafted and built with the environment in mind. It provides an escape from the bustle of busy lives and for a short time will transport you to the wintery wonderland of fairytales. Our dogs love it too and we are sure you’ll notice how happy and excited they are to meet you. They love cuddles and there will be plenty of time for you to get to know them and some of our young puppies.

Winter outer-clothing is provided, as well as warming refreshments. This is a tour where you sit on a big sledge driven by one of our professional guides whose job it is to make sure you go home happy with your experience.


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